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I apologize for worrying you all during my long absence. Thank you for all the messages while I was away. I have big news to share with you all. 

My news series “Taisho Romance Mr. Demon Stopppp!!” will be serialized in Jump SQ from August 3rd. There are parts that aren’t yet perfect but I’d make me happy if you enjoy it as well!

Let’s enjoy Hetalia and Mr. Demon together! 

[Under the Cut]

I’m sorry for worrying everyone for such a long time. Also, thank you everyone…

>What is the animal in the drawing for your new serialization? A dog? 


>China has too few appearances!! Can I request you increase his appearances? 

>When America laughs it says, “DDDDDDD,” how are you supposed to pronounce that!?


>I’m so excited volume 6 is being released!

Thank you very much! During the hand over, some things got lost but an old manuscript appeared and it’s being compiled right now. The Drama CDs that come with Hetalia volumes are always long, and this time it’s also long. This time characters that haven’t been in lots of CDs will also appear. Please wait a little longer for new Hetalia. 

>Has anything changed recently? 

New lines have appeared on my palm! 

Also when thinking about Italian characters it usually ends up like this…


The rejected cover look for America. The balance of his face and mouth are a bit off in this version. The Italy cover for this time wasn’t supposed to be beat by Louise-san…

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